Terms And Conditions

1. Fees must be paid by the prescribed dates.
2. Fee is charged in installments month wise as given in the fee card. Fee must be paid in school’s bank account through cheque/demand draft/ online transaction (Pay tm) or cash at the fees counter of the school.
3. All dues are to be paid in advance up to the 10th of every month.
4. Fees can also be paid with a late payment of Rs 100/- by 20th and Rs 200/- on the last working day of the month, thereafter the name of the child will be struck off the register. Re-admission can be taken on payment of Rs 400/- with the approval of the Principal.
5. If a child is withdrawn in the mid-session, minimum six months fees will be charged.
6. No exemption or deduction in fees will be made for holidays or absence on any grounds.
7. The students will not be allowed to appear in the test/examinations and report card will not be shown unless all the dues have been cleared.
8. It is compulsory to bring the fee card at the time of depositing the fee.
9. Any fee deposited once is non refundable.
10. A special concession of Rs 1000 will be given if the fee of the whole session is deposited in the beginning of the session.