Dr. Shivesh Mani Tripathi

Dr. Shivesh Mani Tripathi

Vice Chairman

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

It is my great pleasure te extend a warm welcome to the Narvadeshwar Pharmacy College, Tindola, Barabanki (UP), the college started in the year 2018 with a vision to Achieve global excellence in field of pharmaceutical sciences and research NPC mission is to Contribute t0 Indian Society by being a world- class skills development leader in providing students with pharmaceutical career-related education, training and experience. 0ur Bachelor of pharmacy and Diploma of pharmacy curriculum is designed by the direction of intellectuals which helps the students to find better future in the field of pharmacy.

The educators at NPC are specialist who ingrain in our students the finer nuances of life and pave every single step of their ascent to a socially, ,morally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually responsible citizenry.

As a Founder, I take this opportunity to invite yeu to join our institution were my mission is to ensure that in a safe tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment to all students. Narvadeshwar Pharmacy College, Tindola, Barabanki (UP) was established with the motive of imparting extensive knowledge along with developing a lucrative skill-set among the students eventually helping them achieve ultimate success.

I welcome all the young students and wish them all the very best for future endeavours and achieving success with flying colors.

NPC is the best place where students can explore their career. I hope you will be one of those fortunate students WHO get an admission to Our college and I assure you that, year life in this college e will be academically fruitful and pleasant.

“Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you Great.”